In order to give you the most delicious and healthiest juice possible, we proudly use a Norwalk Hydraulic Cold-Press Juicer.  Why? Traditional juicers (known as centrifugal or masticating juicers), use a high-speed grinding method which is more damaging to the produce’s cellular structure and generates heat in the process.  Both of these speed up the oxidation process of raw juice, which immediately diminishes many valuable vitamins and nutrients.  The cold-pressed method gently extracts juice by pressing the pulp of fruits and vegetables, which helps preserve the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The result is a more nutritious, better tasting juice that lasts longer.

Additionally, we source the finest and freshest organic fruits and vegetables for our juices and smoothies. When possible, we purchase and support local farms. We think you, our customer, deserves only the best!

So…what can you expect in our cooler?

GREENS! Spinach // Chard // kale // lemon // parsley // cucumbers // celery // lime

all mixed several ways to give you a great variety

Magic Juice // beet + lemon + pineapple + coconut water

The Roots // beet + carrot + apple + lemon + ginger

Cold pressed lemonade and strawberry lemonade