The coffee/ juice business has thrived beyond belief this year. Recently, a new third-wave (coffee, juice, and smoothie) location has opened in South Florida. The Seed Boca has brought a new scene and style to the city of Boca Raton. Co-owners Rachel Eade and Carly Altier have joined forces to create a brilliant, fresh, and quality location. What makes this place different from a Starbucks/Average Joe coffee shop? The quality of its products.

Quality is a reflection of hard work and sacrifice. The end product of quality is excellence. The Seed does a tremendous job at providing excellence in their coffee, juices, smoothies, pastries, and customer service. They are prepared to deliver the best tasting beverages and a relaxed environment. The focus of The Seed is to show how pure their menu really is. Specialty foods and beverages take time to make. A tremendous amount of time is spent before and after work hours, preparing and perfecting the wonderful menu that The Seed offers for its customers. The employees are determined to provide the greatest experience possible for each customer. The Seed is more than your everyday coffee shop/juice bar. The Seed’s priorities are the customer, the quality, and the experience. With every visit, these factors are tied into the mindset of each employee, causing them to work with a true standard of perfection.

All customers are automatically greeted as soon as they walk into the door. “When it comes to customer service, our priority is that the customer will leave the store happy and enjoy their order”, said Matthew Carvalho, an employee of The Seed. The workers are professionally trained to create an environment that reflects true care for the customer. For this business, it’s so important that the customers have an amazing experience whilst they’re at the store. They want each customer to have a great time, encouraging them to return to the store again. For any store, customer experience should be a priority. At this store, the menu is a recycled, craft paper scroll that can be pulled down whenever a new item is added. The quality aspect of this location can be viewed through the different types of coffee, juice, and smoothies. The Seed Boca has a partnership with Wells Coffee, an independent coffee distributor. “The focus of Wells coffee is to provide people with excellent coffee and a memorable social experience”, stated Brandon Wells, who is the executive roaster for Wells Coffee. The coffee is freshly roasted inside of the store.

Deciding what to order is the most difficult part of going to The Seed. In terms of coffee, a customer can choose the brewing process. The V60, Aeropress, and Chemex are the most popular brewing forms of the Slow Bar. Not only can the brewing mechanism be chosen, but also the flavor. The Kenyan and the Ethiopian are the two most popular roast flavors, each embodying a different nodes and aspects that make them different from each other. The Cold Brew is concentrated for twelve hours each day before filtered. The juices and smoothies are always fresh. The smoothies are instantly blended and the juices are freshly pressed each day. The juices are each hand crafted with brilliance and fresh care. Juice samples are offered to those who would like to taste a beverage before purchasing them. There are no preservatives in the juices. They are fully organic and vegetarian.

In everything, The Seed’s main priority is the customer.

Stop by The Seed sometime to experience the quality they offer. Their address is 199 W. Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 5 Boca Raton 33432.