June 2015

What’s In The Cup Sucka?

When it comes to getting caffeinated, these days we’ve got options. Gone are the days of picking only between a cup of decaf or regular. Now we’re faced with an array of coffee beans that come from all over the globe, a handful of specialized ways to brew a regular cup of coffee, and enough […]

To Decaf or Not To Decaf…

At the core of this post is the question: Is caffeine necessary for coffee?

I don’t think so, and I know that that is somewhat of a controversial opinion.

I think caffeine is important to coffee, and to coffee culture — after all, the morning rush is where in the industry make rent, and the timing of […]

The Importance Of Quality: The Seed Boca Review

The coffee/ juice business has thrived beyond belief this year. Recently, a new third-wave (coffee, juice, and smoothie) location has opened in South Florida. The Seed Boca has brought a new scene and style to the city of Boca Raton. Co-owners Rachel Eade and Carly Altier have joined forces to create a brilliant, fresh, and […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Coffee

Everyone has their own personal habits when it comes to coffee. But the same goes for hygiene, so if it’s not okay to pick your nose, it shouldn’t be okay to pick horrible coffee.

To help codify a set of coffee guidelines, we tapped Joel Shuler, the honcho behind Austin-based Casa Brasil Coffees. He’s been in […]