June 2015

Juice That Granny Foo! What to Do When Granny Smith Apples Are Out of Season…

The two main juices for the Gerson Therapy, the Gerson green juice and carrot-apple juice, share a common ingredient: granny smith apples. But at this time of year, they’re out of season, and can be particularly hard to find organic.

Coincidentally, it’s also around this time of year that our Education Team starts to get lots […]

Cold Pressed Juice

In order to give you the most delicious and healthiest juice possible, we proudly use a Norwalk Hydraulic Cold-Press Juicer.  Why? Traditional juicers (known as centrifugal or masticating juicers), use a high-speed grinding method which is more damaging to the produce’s cellular structure and generates heat in the process.  Both of these speed up the oxidation […]