The Producer – Monique

Born and raised in sunny southern California, Santa Monica Beach was Monique’s playground. Her first sip of coffee was stolen from her daddy’s steaming cup as a little girl.
She and her family moved to and fell in love with Colorado. They never intended to leave. Well, as life does, it surprises you. Hello south Florida.

This horsewoman, discovered how to reinvent herself after her two children left to start their own life’s journeys. With the support of her husband, she ventured on. Enter The Seed and Carly. Monique’s passion for music tripped over them; the rest, you could say, is history.

And if you know Monique and Carly, you know, together, they will make history.

Stay tuned. Their adventure continues…

The Grower – Carly

Born and raised in the mostly sunshine city of Boca Raton she and her husband now raise their 3 offspring here.  Optimum health has always spiked her interest especially with this liquified fruit and vegg trend.  Currently she is an RN, taking her love for community and optimal living to the next level. She looks forward to seeing the smiles and togetherness this Squeeze & Drip company is going to bring to her home town.




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199 W. Palmetto Park Rd, Suite #E
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